Good Samaritan helped save semi-truck driver's life: 'Really impressed to see humanity'


One of the Good Samaritans who helped save a semi-truck driver's life after she crashed into the Columbia River told KATU News the crash has restored his faith in humanity.

Oregon State Police said the driver of the semi was trying to switch lanes on Interstate 84 westbound around 5 p.m. Monday evening, when she drove onto the shoulder and struck a parked 1995 Chevy Tahoe. The impact sent the semi crashing through the guard rail, down an embankment and partially into the river near the Corbett View Point.

At that moment, Clifton Robinson was passing the crash with his wife.

"I could see the trailer part of the truck just tumbling over the side. I told my wife, 'I gotta help these people,'" Robinson said. "The front end of the cab was submerged in water... [the truck driver] was in trouble and hanging on to the door."

Once he got down the rocky embankment, Robinson called 911 while two other Good Samaritans helped get the truck driver out.

"One grabbed the other one and made a human chain to get to the girl. Once they got her out, they carried her back," Robinson said.

Luckily, the driver only suffered minor injuries and is expected to be OK. Robinson said he was impressed at how so many strangers came together in a hectic moment.

"I was really impressed to see that kind of humanity as well, just to see there was no fatalities," Robinson said.

Source of article click here : KATU