AC introduces new technology for trucking academy


AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - AC is making sure to provide its students with the necessary tools to prepare them for Texas roads.

Starting in the fall, new cameras will be introduced into the Trucking Academy's curriculum.

According TxDOT, last year a crash happened every 61 seconds - and more than 4,000 of them occurred in Amarillo.

Over the past few weeks, the Panhandle has experienced multiple accidents involving semi trucks.

Instructors say the new cameras will benefit students driving the trucks as well as students who are in class, because the cameras can send a live feed back to a classroom and allow students to see real time mistakes.

"The cameras will not only photograph the student while he or she drives but also cover the full coverage of the window and of the truck as you go down the road," Robert Mathews, Director of Operations for the AC Truck Academy said. "They have to react to traffic, emergency situations, emergency braking, over-steering, and not shifting correctly."

AC continues to teach new methods to stay in compliance with the Department of Public Safety as it changes the state's Commercial Driver license regulations, but these new changes will make getting a CDL harder.

"During the skills test they are going to have to do a full complete 100 point inspection on a truck and get at least 80 percent of that inspection correct," Mathews said. "[Students] will have to point out on the spot mechanical problems with the truck and how to correct it."

Right now the AC Truck Academy is in the process of installing the new cameras which could be in use by August 15.

Source of article click here: NewsWest 9