I'd like to mention 3 things....

News: If you find news articles pertaining to trucking, post 'em here (please post the links for the articles). All truckers are up for news on the industry.....or most any other news that's important, whether it's good or bad (junk about Lindsey Lohan & Britany Spears isn't 'news'). News worthy articles will be posted on our Home Page.

Chat: We made a bunch of Chat Rooms for you to use (per your requests). Stop by and shoot the bull with other drivers. If there's no one in there, make a post on the Round Table telling others that you're there and wanna chat.

Photo Galleries: Surely a bunch of you take pictures when you're on the road.........right?? How about posting some pics of interesting, strange or 'every day' things you see in your travels?