A robbery suspect was apprehended this morning after he drove into the back of a semi truck while trying to flee from police in Des Moines.

A man robbed the Subway restaurant at 2251 East University Ave. after 8 a.m. today, police said. From the Subway, police pursued the suspected robber.

Steve Hickman, a truck driver, said he was coming to a stoplight at Pennsylvania and University avenues when he saw several squad cars following the robber. The man was not driving fast or erratically, Hickman said, but added, “I knew something was up.”

The man, who police did not immediately identify, drove right in the back of the semi.

“I stopped so he couldn’t get around,” Hickman said. “But there was nowhere he could really go. The police surrounded the area pretty quick.”

No one was injured during the apprehension. It was not immediately known what was taken from the restaurant.

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