After 12 years of working in the expedited freight industry, I have seen freight rates stay the same as they have over the years, but as time goes on we are seeing shop labor rates steadily increasing, with the quality of work going into the toilet. What ever happened to providing quality service & repairs at a reasonable price & trying to create a base of repeat customers who would gladly tell their friends about the good experiences at a particular shop????

When we spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a truck from a dealership, we expect that particular manufacturers' network of dealers to back up what they sell. A salesman will often tell us whatever we want to hear just to make a sale, but what is said by him in terms of warranty coverage is far different from the reality when it comes time to get warranty repairs done.

From the time a truck appears at a dealership for warranty work, it's often "pushed back on the burner" for a day or two while the dealer shop places their own priority on "cash repairs" that pay more. As a result, the driver(s) lose revenue while having to pay for a motel room & meals while waiting around.

It becomes more infuriating when, after waiting for the truck to be brought into the shop, it's discovered that the parts needed to complete the repair are not in stock & may need to be ordered!

Worse yet, inexperienced "technicians" with little knowledge often mis-diagnose the problem & end up costing the driver & owner more down time.

Too many shops are definitely after our money with little concern as to whether they did wht they were paid to do.

Incompetence in terms of "technicians" is a serious problem these days- it seems they all too often have no clue as to how to diagnose a problem- all they want to do is change costly parts- at OUR EXPENSE- until they think they have fixed the problem.

Too many dealerships hire entry-level people to work in their shops- while it's understood that everyone had to start somewhere in their careers, there's almost no such thing as an apprenticeship anymore where a newbie technician is "shown the ropes" by a veteran mechanic for a few years before being turned loose on their own. Besides, it's ironic how a dealer shop can charge upwards of $80 an hour for labor, but can't seem to pay enough to retain more qualified, experienced, & competent mechanics than they do.

Dealers & vendors seem to make a big deal out of what they call "workshops" when it's basically nothing more than another sales pitch to get into the pockets of expediters & others in the trucking industry for whatever little hard-earned money they can seem to keep these days with operating costs (including labor rates at crappy repair facilities) on the rise like they have been.

While there will always be a need for repair shops & aftermarket vendors, their reputation among customers gets around, especially since the internet has made it easy for word of bad experiences to spread throughout the industry & tarnish a shop's reputation. If a shop does lousy work, they will be talked about- by word of mouth, the Internet, and other "vehicles" of the "Information Age" we live in.

How many times we have to visit a Repair shop on the road. I had some very bad experience with some of them. This was the reason for me to create this forum. We can do something against it, talk about them and bring their name out on the open, so everybody can avoid this shops. That will safe us money and a lot of frustrations .

We are "on the other side of the fence", and as drivers & truck owners we CAN & DO SPEAK OUR MINDS!