Welcome, victims of Bossholes
You have entered a sick and twisted exploration into the behavior, motivation, and inner workings of one of society's most dangerous creatures: the BOSSHOLE!

Bossholes are self-explanatory, really. Doesn't every bad boss you've ever had immediately come to mind? If you've ever held a job, chances are good that you've had the misfortune to work for, or come in contact with, a Bosshole. Full of self-importance and bursting with ego, these jerks treat employees as costs, not assets. They reject recommendations and ideas from employees. They humiliate, intimidate, and frustrate the hell out of their direct reports. Instead of leading, they push, preferring to get work out of their people using barbaric and outdated methods of management. Teamwork, communication and cooperation are foreign concepts to Bossholes.

We studied these managerially-challenged creatures in their natural habitat -- behind the management desk -- and lived to bring the results back to you. Our book teaches you:

* The basis of Bossholistic thought
* Eight Basic Bosshole Beliefs
* How to identify BO's, or Bosshole Organizations
* How to classify the twenty-two species identified to-date
* How Bossholism backfires on businesses
* How you'll know when your Bosshole has hit the "Sweet Spot," and more!

You'll also learn about the Toxic Tree of Bossholism, the Trifecta, and a lot more you thought you could do without knowing. It's important for you to study the Bosshole, because they are prevalent in every size and type of organization. You will find them in schools, churches, small businesses and large corporations, hospitals, factories and everywhere else there is someone in charge. Despite professional research (as well as common sense) pointing to this type of leadership as toxic, Bossholes continue to thrive in businesses everywhere. Companies keep them around while employees suffer and productivity plummets.

Bossholes, like cockroaches, hate to have the spotlight shined on them. So that's why we're here. We want to expose their poor management behaviors and help them in their recovery efforts. But we also want to help you, the long-suffering victims of Bossholes. Get to know Bossholes so you can help wipe out Bossholes in your company for good.
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