SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Prime, Inc., a trucking company in Springfield is taking on Amazon Prime-- alleging trademark infringement. Around the Ozarks, we are all familiar with both Prime and prime, but our local Prime, Inc. says the global Amazon Prime is causing them to lose money, and allowing Amazon to profit at Prime Inc.'s expense.

Prime, Inc. doesn't like Amazon's use of the word "prime" on their tractor-trailers. Prime says they want "the greater of three times Amazon's profits or three times any damages it has sustained as a result of Amazon's past and current trademark infringement and related unfair competition," according to a lawsuit filed in the U.S District Court, Western District of Missouri.

Prime Inc. claims it notified Amazon of the alleged trademark infringement more than two years ago, but says Amazon persisted in displaying the prime name on their trucks-- alleging "Amazon's infringement and unfair competition are therefore intentional, willful, and malicious."

Prime Inc., released this statement to KY3 News:

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