A Michigan driver gave motorists on U.S. 31 a windfall last Thursday night when he spilled $30,000 in cash all over the roadway. Except, this was not a moment of selfless altruism. He had made a huge mistake.
According to a Facebook post by the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety, the driver told authorities that he had placed the cash in a cardboard box, but had “inadvertently left the box on the bumper of his truck.” It fell off the truck while he was driving, subsequently making it rain dollar bills all over the roadway.

Motorists stopped to pick up the money, so officers closed a portion of the road so some cash could be retrieved. Police were able to recover $2,470 from the road and surrounding area. But that was far short of the total.

Now, the Grand Haven police are asking, very politely, to please give the driver his money back. They would not be punished if they came forward, the Detroit Free Press reported. Sgt. Lee Adams told The Washington Post the department had no further updates on Wednesday.

Brian Kamstra told WXMI he was one of the drivers who had received an unexpected windfall and said people stopped on the highway to try to get some of the money. They were so desperate that they were dropping their cellphones “trying to pick up all the cash,” he said.

“In about 30 seconds, I picked up $370,” he said. “I felt like it was a scene from a movie.”

“I gave the money back, obviously,” he added. “You know, it’s not my money it’s his and I would love to see him use it for his intended purposes.”

As of Saturday, three other people had answered the call and returned cash according to police: two 17-year-olds who grabbed $630, and a woman who had scooped up an impressive $3,880.
“Thank you and way to go!” Grand Haven police wrote on Facebook. And, “We commend you for your honesty!!”

Just a few thousand more to go.

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