Hi all, my name is Obie and I served 16 years in the military until last November (was downsized 4 years from retirement) after moving home to Cleveland Ohio I found the job market for my skills is less than desirable. I looked into the expediting business and liked what I saw so I read through all the forums on this site and decided to apply to a few different companies as a sprinter or straight truck driver. My ultimate goal is to buy my own unit and although I drove tractors and 7ton dumps in the military I wanted to keep to a smaller more mobile unit. Anyway, of the three places I applied to only one answered back and they had only one owner looking to put a driver in a van. My questions are:
1. Is my combat Veteran status keeping companies from responding?
2. Are there any other War on Terror guys or gals who got into this business?
3. If anyone is looking for a driver who has experience living out of a vehicle for 8 to 9 months at a time and always accomplishes the mission, let me know.
I should probably answer some of the normal questions for a "newbie" I have a clean MVR ( no tickets since I was seventeen, never been arrested for anything, honorable discharge from the military, drug free ( of course) my wife has 9 years of experience of me being gone for prolonged periods of time ( I think she misses that!) other than that my skill are I was a Construction Mechanic in the Navy for half of my career, so I have a lot of experience driving and repairing everything on 4 or more wheels and I was an Engineman the first half of my career, kind of a diesel engine doctor, I just don't want to turn wrenches any more. So if you read this far into my post, thank you and If you can answer my questions or direct me to somebody who is hiring double thank you!