I've been doing my research and looking through forums and seeing the good and bad of everything. I will try and detail everything about my situation and some of the questions I have. I'm hoping some of the good people I've seen on here can steer me in the right direction. I'm 31 years old, no wife, no girlfriend, no kids. I've worked customer service jobs my whole life, the past 10 1/2 years at a bowling center. From the time I was young, I wanted to get out and travel the country. I'm a decent people person, but I've just reached a point in my life where I'm sick of working for the public. I feel like I'm just treading water, and will forever get by paycheck to paycheck. I am loyal to my job, and bowling season is on the horizon, so I would not be looking to start this career til next spring. I'm just trying to get all the information I can get now, so that when next spring comes, I'll be fully prepared to make the jump. I will buy my own cargo van or sprinter if I decide to start this career.

I currently have a Michigan chauffeur's license. I've gathered that I need to get a hazardous waste endorsement, but do I need a CDL? Is it good - starting out - to work for more than one carrier? I assume from what I've gathered that you have to somewhat prove yourself before you start getting a more consistent workload. I would definitely want to work OTR. I have no problem being gone for weeks at a time. If I began this career, I would most likely sell my condo, and whenever I came back home I would stay with friends. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.