§395.3 maximum driving time for property-carrying vehicles.

(C)(1) Any period of 7 consecutive days may end with the beginning of any off-duty period of 34 or more consecutive hours; or.
Frequently asked questions.

G-1. May a driver spend part of his or her 34-hours of consecutive off-duty time in a sleeper berth?

Yes, provided the 34-hour period is consecutive and not broken by on-duty or driving activities

34 Hour Reset Rules.

• Any period of 34 hours off duty/sleeper combination or off duty will reset your 70 hour to zero’s.

• You cannot do any work such as fuel, scaling, loading or working on the truck. Get your fuel before your 34 hour starts.

• The restart is an exception; the 70-hour did not change. You can follow under the

Old way, but if you have 34 hours off you can gain a new 70 hours.


• If you are a driver who “might” go to Canada make sure you understand Canada does not recognize a 34 hour restart, you must have a 36 hour break instead. The easiest thing to do is take 36’s instead of 34 hour breaks.

• Canada also requires you to have a 24 hour period off duty/sleeper combination in the previous 14 days. If you had a restart in the last 14 days that would account for the 24 hour period.

The main this is between lines 1 & 2 you should have 34 hours with no lines 3 or 4 time interrupting it.

You can use the truck to bobtail to shopping, eating etc. This time you would log as off duty.

You should be logging line 1 when not in the truck and when in the sleeper your log should reflect in the sleeper.