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09-05-2005, 16:44

When receiving your toll ticket upon entering a toll road check to make sure you have been given the proper vehicle classification. Many times straight trucks are mistakenly given improper class numbers which results in a higher toll charge, For example a 2-axle truck classified as a 3- axle or 5-axle truck will cost you much more

09-06-2005, 00:39
Especially in Ohio! This happened to me once, and their policy is once you take the ticket from the toll area, you have bought it for the class printed on it. New York is different, if they give you the wrong class ticket the person at the exiting booth can correct it.


09-06-2005, 01:29
And then there are those that can't decide if you're 2 axles or 3, doesn't matter if your tag is up or down, they still want to charge you. We get that a lot when approaching the Ambassador Bridge. One day we're charged for 2 axles, the next it could be 3.