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  1. We are American Truckers
  2. Hobo's Story
  3. Houston 1999
  4. Racism
  5. Best Bumper sticker
  6. Just a Driver?
  7. The Other Women in Trucking
  8. Encouragement
  9. Batman
  10. First day back in a manual...telling on myself
  11. Just checking
  12. History of Trucking part 1
  13. History of Trucking part 2
  14. History of Trucking part 3
  15. Just the Beginning
  16. Truckers' adjustment to fuel costs crowds back roads
  17. Rodgers bounces back as Packers beat Broncos
  18. Native american code of ethics
  19. Please help me along!
  20. Banned smoking
  21. was talking
  22. The tough job of running a group/site
  23. Learn something new
  24. New Heels
  25. more learning
  26. Replacing fuel pumps
  27. To whom it may concern!
  28. Newborn Found Alive In Middle School Trash Can
  29. Odd: Fart leads to charges
  30. Crews find plane believed to belong to Fossett
  31. Earnings for FedEx Decline, 2009 Rates to Rise
  32. Politicians Climb Onto the DHL-UPS Deal
  33. Man recovering after 1st double arm transplant
  34. Will cheap gas bring return of gas-guzzling?
  35. N. Korea releases photos of Kim Jong Il
  36. GM to hasten factory closings
  37. Bad Economy Good for Expediters?
  38. truck driving over seas
  39. Night Vision clip-ons
  40. OPEC ministers cut output at meeting
  41. Iran plans to use An-140 planes to patrol borders
  42. Simon Cowell splits with girlfriend
  43. Ohio jury recommends death penalty for trucker
  44. Snow will be coming soon
  45. Microsoft CEO has no interest in Yahoo deal
  46. How low will gas prices go?
  47. TripPak drop-box
  48. K-9s go bust
  49. Cause of I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis MN
  50. With Temperatures Dropping............
  51. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
  52. A VERY GOOD Reason To Shop At SEARS!
  53. New toys
  54. For Those XM Radio Subscribers Who Miss The Weather Channel...
  55. US hopes to develop bug-sized, flying spies
  56. Trucker Buddies Looking for Volunteers
  57. How was your Thanksgiving
  58. Management
  59. Seasonal Greeting ( Enjoy )
  60. If you got it a truck brought it
  61. Prostitution ring that included local truck stop was a violent
  62. State seizes truck filled with smokes
  63. Merry Christmas Everbody
  64. Dream Truck
  65. Banks higher ups getting bonus
  66. Wal-Mart Memphis
  67. Who are the worst driver's?
  68. Dumbiest Loads
  69. Only fire-safe cigarettes may be sold in Pennsylvania
  70. Snow's gone, but some delivery complaints remain
  71. UFO's (allegedly) attack Lincolnshire wind farm
  72. To Howes or not to Howes thats the question.
  73. To Lucas or not to Lucas, Thats the question.
  74. Adding ATF to Diesel Fuel
  75. This cleaning system is friggen AMAZING!
  76. Proper footwear for truckers
  77. Spanish company lands four infrastructure projects
  78. Cummins to cut work force by 800, freeze salaries
  79. heard a rumor
  80. DHL's exit from the U.S. market leaves small package market share up for grabs
  81. expediters be on watch
  82. Snowstorm targets NC, Tidewater VA
  83. Bush is out
  84. Electronic Cigarettes
  85. Obama takes presidential oath again after stumble
  86. Windows 7
  87. Trucker has a story to take back to Texas
  88. Houston Trucker Takes a Hike, Sues Promaxima Manufacturing
  89. Suspect Dies In Police Pursuit, Interstate Reopens
  90. Dynamex
  91. Trucking companies take deep hit in recession
  92. Pranks with electronic road signs stir worry
  93. Pictures from the last Flood in Iowa
  94. Kenseth wins rain-shortened Daytona 500
  95. Thing that make you go Hummm!
  96. Toll-road rage over modest monthly fee for E-ZPass runs out of gas
  97. Man Living in Cave Faces Foreclosure
  98. Daylight Saving Time this weekend
  99. What does One Trillion Dollars look like!
  100. time change
  101. Feds find 25 immigrants smuggled in big rigs
  102. Drive-by Flasher
  103. Truck partially removed from hotel
  104. The Most Amazing Invention
  105. Attention smokers!!!
  106. Harrry's Las Vagas
  107. Harrry's Las Vagas
  108. Harrry's Las Vagas
  109. Driver fatigue
  110. Storm-slick roads strand travelers north of Fort Collins
  111. Did Chase pull a credit card bait and switch?
  112. Violence while on the Road.
  113. Martin third-oldest winner in NASCAR history
  114. My new job
  115. Manufacturers release tons of pharmaceuticals into US water supplies
  116. Truckers mourn homeless friend who cared for stray dogs
  117. Bay, Youkilis help Red Sox beat Yankees in 11
  118. 2mills Birthday?
  119. Belated Happy Birthday to you "fatboy"
  120. Did you know?
  121. And Just How Old Is Grandpa??
  122. Missing Old Man
  123. Great Office View
  124. Patrol: 457 pounds of pot found in truck sleeper
  125. An Old Farmer's Advice:
  126. Ken did you win?
  127. The 10 largest U.S. bankruptcies
  128. GM unloads Hummer to Chinese buyer
  129. Actor David Carradine dead
  130. GM looks to ink deal to sell Saturn to Penske
  131. Supreme Court asked to block Chrysler sale to Fiat
  132. High court temporarily blocks Chrysler sale to Fiat
  133. Chrysler sale to Fiat cleared, to close today
  134. April trade deficit edges up to $29.2 billion
  135. Japanese newspaper North Korea may fire missile toward Hawaii
  136. Chrysler starts production at seven North American assembly plants
  137. Somemore Useless Info
  138. Idleaire
  139. UPS Sets Middle East Joint Venture
  140. When?
  141. China may reject Hummer acquisition plan
  142. 4th Of July
  143. Uninsured would face fines under Senate health bill
  144. Logic 101
  145. California
  146. Congestion costs $87B
  147. Be carefull helping people broke down
  148. Evian Roller Skating Babies
  149. New Japanese tow trucks
  150. Hey stupid! Drop the cell phone and drive
  151. Jury Duty Scam
  152. Girl with Two Heads Born in Philippines
  153. Only a law will stop these drivers
  154. Kentucky
  155. THE RULES OF RURAL Kentucky
  156. In Afghanistan, Trucking Can Be A Deadly Business
  157. Fake or real!
  158. American Legion Legacy Run on the Highways Next Week
  159. 2012 Prophecy
  160. Man trades in Maserati as 'clunker'
  161. Man stuck to toilet seat in Cairns shopping centre
  162. Happy Birthday 10speed and blueblooddog
  163. Target store’s policy
  164. 'Hubby Hubby' Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Flavor Celebrates Same Sex Marriage
  165. Calif. financier under investigation dies
  166. Patrick Swayze dies at 57
  167. Bumperstickers
  168. Al-Qaeda video threat to Germany
  169. Read!!! Hand sanitize, swine flu and children
  170. Happy Birthday Thunder Rolls
  171. UFO: finally the truth revealed by CIA,FBI US Government!
  172. Obama: Failed Olympics bid ‘worthwhile’
  173. Fastest gun in the world
  174. Feds: Food stamps swapped for booze, Viagra
  175. Report: N. Korea fires 5 short-range missiles
  176. Start keeping things locked up tighter and protect your family
  177. Did Ya Know?
  178. Woman trucker swapped two children in her care for a pet cockatoo and $175
  179. Must read E-Mail
  180. Bay Bridge closure snarls S.F. area traffic
  181. The time is here again
  182. Crowd watch as police 'beat man to death'
  183. Toll payers to get $1.4 million refund in California
  184. Man invents stair-climbing wheelchair
  185. RIM BlackBerry Storm 2 (Verizon Wireless)
  186. AOL to shed more than one-third of work force
  187. South Carolina lawmaker feels need for speed
  188. GRANDMA & GRANDPA (pass this on to your family)
  189. Money can buy anything, including a divorce!!!
  190. What date does winter officially start and what date does it end?
  191. Bernie Madoff Injured in Fall From Bed
  192. Texting While Driving, Smoking Target of 2010 Laws
  193. Senator Wants Tax Free Weekend for Guns
  194. A $6 million cargo cult
  195. High School Quiz
  196. Earthquake leaves Haiti ‘worse than a war zone’
  197. So where are the familiar faces?
  198. Hey Panther folks...
  199. Random Thoughts for the Day:
  200. What is a Billion!!!!!!!
  201. Six figure speeding fines
  202. Harem leader in Israel
  203. A Fine Situation in California
  204. Porn billboard man arrested over Russian video stunt
  205. With new $100 bill, Franklin gets a makeover
  206. Oilfield Math
  207. I Believe...
  208. Gentle Thoughts for Today--
  209. The Amazing Cucumber
  210. Boy With 31 Fingers, Toes Has Extra Digits Removed
  211. More Toxic Junk From China Recalled
  212. CVSA Roadcheck dates changed to June 8-10
  213. Only 4 Yearsold - Hank Williams Jr.Jambalaya
  214. HazMat
  215. Express-1 Posts Improved Results in 1Q
  216. UPS Will Start Pilot Furloughs
  217. IBM Acquires Sterling Commerce for $1.4 Billion
  218. Gary Coleman dies of brain hemorrhage at 42
  219. Franchitti wins Indy 500
  220. ‘Golden Girls’ star Rue McClanahan dies at 76
  221. NEW sprint HTC EVO is Awesome
  222. USA Beat Algeria
  223. Am I Blind?
  224. Mosque at Ground Zero
  225. Storytelling at EW #1- Escaped Villians
  226. Are you annoyed?
  227. 69 vehicles crash in surprise Arizona thunderstorm
  228. You need a good laugh?
  229. This guy is a total nut!
  230. Former FMCSA chief joins sleep-focused company
  231. I will never post in this thread because.............
  232. Signs, Signs Everywhere a sign
  233. I have never seen something like this
  234. Trucker forced to leave dock for questioning company’s bathroom policy
  235. Best Bumper Stickers
  236. America in shock as Tony Curtis dies
  237. Stouffers gives back to consumers with useful message
  238. Al Gore-talking politics on What up with that
  239. Little Britain USA and Little Britain (the Brittish ones)
  240. The greatest prabk ever played?
  241. The greatest prank ever played?
  242. Boo!!!
  243. SixFacts
  244. How many of you remember these?
  245. Daylight Saving Time ends
  246. OMG this girl is so hot!!
  247. North Korea is attacking South
  248. It is not Frickin Butter!
  249. Leslie Nielsen dies at 84
  250. Only in America