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Dometic Powers A/C Unit with eNow Solar Power

Image via eNow

Dometic is powering its Blizzard Turbo auxiliary air conditioner with eNow’s Solar Photovoltaic Panel system, available for Class 8 sleeper trucks.

The eNow solar-powered Blizzard Turbo auxiliary air conditioner captures and stores solar energy in the onboard battery system and distributes it to various truck and trailer functions.

Dometic said that using solar to power the Blizzard Turbo unit can increase the life of the truck’s alternator and auxiliary battery system by reducing the alternator load at idle and over the road, while charging the battery more efficiently at its optimal voltage.

By adding solar technology to run the Blizzard Turbo, fleets can reduce costs associated with idling, fuel consumption, equipment maintenance and CO2 emissions, according to Dometic.

The technology will also help fleets adjust to anti-idling laws while still keeping the cabin comfortable for drivers.

For more information on eNow’s solar panel system, click here.

Source of article click here: Truckinginfo

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